1. 14 Juillet 1789 / dessin d’après nature par Girodet [***]

    1) Marquis de Launay’s head
    2) Jean-François Foullon de Doué’s head
    3) Berthier de Sauvigny’s head
    4) Berthier de Sauvigny’s heart, placed on some kind of spit.

    […] After the storming of the Bastille, the Marquis of Launay, governor of the fortress, was captured and lynched by an angry mob. According to certain accounts, a member of the crowd [a pastry cook named Desnot] cut Launay’s head off with a knife and placed it on a pike. On the very same day, Jean-François Foullon de Doué, the […] Controller-General of Finances, was found hiding on the outskirts of Paris. After being ritualistically humiliated by a crowd of peasants, he was also beheaded. Doué was supposed to have said once during a famine that if “rascals have no bread, let them eat hay.” So having killed him, the crowd filled his mouth with hay. At the same time, Doué’s son-in-law, Berthier de Sauvigny, the Intendant of Paris, was also found and executed. Mobs placed all of their heads on pikes and paraded them through the streets of Paris.

    [Anne-Louis] Girodet, an up-and-coming artist who studied under Jacques-Louis David, and who would go on to enjoy a very successful career as a Romantic artist, made these sketches of the heads “from life,” so to speak [***]

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