1. by Antti Seppänen / [ombion]

    "Finnish architect Tuomas Toivonen has […] released an album of urbanism- and architecture-themed rap songs." [***] / [***] / [***] / [***]

  2. size —A city can’t be too small. Size guarantees anonymity […] The generous attitude towards failure that big cities afford is invaluable […]

    density —when the urban situation causes the distance between us to increase and our interactions to be less frequent we have to use novel means to attract attention: big hair, skimpy clothes and plastic surgery. We become walking billboards.

    sensibility and attitude —

    security —In my perfect city I’d feel that sense of neighborliness—that people weren’t in my business, but that I would be a familiar sight, as they would be to me.

    chaos and danger —A little touch of chaos and danger makes a city sexy.

    human scale —Some sort of compromise might be more ideal—the tall towers mixed in with the modest-sized shops and restaurants.

    parking —unless they can be hidden underground, as they are often in Japan, lots and parking structures are simply dead zones, which hurt the businesses around them.

    boulevards —If boulevards aren’t too wide […] they can serve to break the monotonous pattern of streets and blocks, let sunlight in, and function as a landmark (so you know where you are).

    public spaces —In my perfect city there are ample public spaces